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EV technology is at an inflection point globally. The number of electric cars on the roads around the world rose to 2 million in 2016. China remained the largest market in 2016, accounting for more than 40% of the electric cars sold in the world. With more than 200 million electric two-wheelers and more than 300,000 electric buses, China is by far the global leader in the electrification of transport. Today, China, the US and Europe make up the three main markets, totalling over 90% of all EVs sold around the world.

India with its stated objective of ensuring 7 million EVs to be sold by 2020 and full EV adoption by 2030 is emerging as the hottest destination for adoption of latest technologies in EV vehicles and EV charging infrastructure.

With our team of specialists in Power Electronics, System Designs, Firmware and Software engineering, we are building a variety of products as per Global and Indian standards. Apart from customized solutions for different regions and standards, we intend to deliver products that have:

  • Excellent output performance and reliability
  • Capability to interface with any type of input power sources (grid, solar, wind etc.)
  • Smart communication with grid (V2G) enables economical options of various users and grid stability.
  • High electrical safety and protection
  • Intelligent communication and management software
  • Excellent user interface and display
  • Various numbers of outputs and power
  • High mechanical and environmental stability and best industrial design
  • Integration of Smart and simple payment systems

Expect these products soon!

2-Wheeler and 3-Wheeler Chargers

for the high performance Li Ion based vehicles of tomorrow

2-Wheeler and 3-Wheeler Controllers

AC Level 1 / Level 2 Charging Infrastructure

(as per Bharat EV, CCS, Charin specs)

DC Charger


4-Wheeler Motor Controller and On Board Chargers

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