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India is the ninth largest aviation market in the world with a size of around US$16 billion and is poised to be the 3rd largest by 2020. The Indian aviation industry promises a huge growth potential due to large and growing middle class population, rapid economic growth, higher disposable incomes and overall low penetration levels. Furthermore, the fact that the aerospace industry is going through unstoppable globalization to control the burgeoning development costs of research and development for rapidly evolving technologies makes India a preferred destination for search of a strategic partner for OEMs and Tier1 suppliers. AeroEuro is well poised to partner with you to address the challenges at every stage of the product design and development lifecycle.

Detailed Engineering

As product development lifecycles shrink, it becomes more critical than ever before to get the detail design right. At AeroEuro, we understand that detail engineering is the key to high quality, cost and time effective manufacturing. To reduce iterations, we focus on concurrent engineering practices through integrated project teams to accelerate product realization. We provide detail design support for new design as well as support product improvement initiatives. Focus areas of detail engineering are:

Structural Design and Engineering

Parametric modeling of components, solid and surface modeling for freeform features using cloud scanned data, Model Based Definition and Manufacturing Information.

Stack-Up Analysis

Tolerance, Limits and Fit calculations for stack-up analysis.

Design and Detailing

Offerings include product definition/manufacturing drawings, general arrangement drawings, electrical schematics,electrical wiring harness, instrumentation drawings, piping and tubing routing drawings.

Legacy Data Conversion / Migration

Our offerings include engineering data migration from one platform to another, digitization of documents, manuals, catalogues, reports, specification sheets, and design data book.

Product Configuration Management

Our services include Product structuring, Change management and Part release.

Engineering Analysis

AeroEuro’s experienced team specializes in comprehensive engineering analysis using a number of techniques ranging from classical methods such as stress justification and strength tests to Finite Element Analysis (FEA). AeroEuro helps its customer overcome inconsistent and underperforming designs, unnecessary redesigns, longer development time and wasted resources for rework, longer product release, critical failures, safety issues by providing extensive engineering analysis to give customers the right insights to avoid such issues arising out of poor design.

Focus areas of engineering analysis are:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Thermals
  • Multi-Body Dynamics
  • Control Systems
  • Classical methods (Stress justification, stiffness checks, strength checks, stability checks, joints & fasteners checks)
  • Physical Systems Simulation – Systems Architecture & Electrical Load Analysis
  • Performance prediction and analysis

Technical Publications

AeroEuro’s engineers have hands on experience in the latest tools and practices to take on projects related to:

  • Engine Manuals
  • Component Maintenance Manuals
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogues
  • Maintenance & Repair Manuals
  • Schematic & Wiring Manuals
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