Industrial IOT

Focused on building the complete chain from sensor stacks to analytics to provide customized solutions to real world industrial problems.

Industrial IOT

Industrial environments are characterized by disparate field systems of varying vintage with different communication protocols, information content, data structures, and time constraints. The trend of increasing field device intelligence adds an additional layer of big-data complexity. These intelligent devices form the bedrock of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things).

IIoT is transforming industry —changing the way industries work. Whether it’s enabling predictive analytics to detect corrosion inside a refinery pipe, or providing real-time production data to uncover additional capacity in a plant, or driving visibility and control over your industrial control systems environment to prevent cyber attacks, the IIoT—and the software solutions powered by it—are driving powerful business outcomes.

By combining machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, industrial big data analytics, technology, cyber security, and HMI and SCADA, the IIoT is driving unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance. And as a result, industrial companies in power and energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, aviation, and many other industries are experiencing transformative operational and financial benefits.

AeroEuro along with its partner ecosystem is uniquely placed to addresses all aspects of industrial system integration including customized sensor stack development, historian applications, configuration stations, control centers, control systems (SCADA, DCS, PLC), alarm management, notification, reports, AI and ML integration and GUI development.

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