Product Development

Market Analysis, Specification Building, Design and Development, Prototyping and Validation.

Product Development

Today’s Industrial products have to create differentiation and provide value addition to become acceptable and remain competitive in the market. OEMs/ Systems Integrators expect partners to stay ahead of the curve and help them with adoption of new technologies, feature addition, modular approach, shorter development windows, and meet localization needs to stay cost competitive.

AeroEuro with its well-rounded portfolio of engineering solutions is well equipped to meeting entire product lifecycle development needs. Our domain experts have a proven track record in providing solutions in adherence to industrial regulations and meeting product functional requirement at given cost.

AeroEuro has been successfully delivering solutions in the areas of Electric Vehicle Technology, Battery Management Systems (BMS), Charging Products, Energy and Utilities, Appliances, Diary and Water measurement/ sensing products. The team has successfully executed and participated in several developmental programs for global OEMs.

AeroEuro has domain competency and vast experience in supporting the product development activities starting from concept design to manufacturing support phase including PLM and Engineering customization activities. For embedded products, AeroEuro has partnerships with world class EMS companies to provide the complete design to manufacture of customized products. AerEuro’s offerings include but not limited to:

  • End to End Product Development
  • PCB Design
  • Firmware and software solutions
  • Automated Testing system development
  • Automation Solutions
  • Product Testing and Certifications
  • Prototyping
  • Obsolescence management
  • EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services)
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