Smart Electronics Solutions

Design and Development, Prototyping and Validation, Limited Series Production.

Smart Electronics Solutions

Highly experienced engineers specialized in Electronic Hardware, Embedded Software, Internet of Things (IoT), Power and mechanical domains.
AeroEuro has a team of highly experienced engineers specialized in Electronic Hardware, Embedded Software, Internet of Things (IoT), Power and mechanical domains. We work together in multidisciplinary teams to help our customers turn their ideas into products. Given the ever-increasing complexity of technologies and shorter time-to-market requirements, we have been supporting our customers to drive innovation while allowing them to focus and excel at their core activities.

Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services span from idea validation including concept viability to prototyping. Our focused approach and passion to innovate has helped our clients to develop cost effective solutions. We also provide flexibility in our engagement models depending on the specific projects requirements.

Customers can chose between:

  • Consulting Engagements.
  • Fixed Price Contracts
As a team, we employ a design methodology that takes into account the agile and often iterative nature of electronic product development while working closely with you throughout the process. We take pride in our interactive, client-centered approach that involves you in all phases of a project. Our ability to communicate clearly – combined with our ability to produce functional and cost effective electronic designs – ensures that the end product will always live up to your needs and expectations.

Some of the solutions we have developed include:

  • Battery chargers and battery management systems
  • Power supply design
  • Concept design and Feasibility Analysis
  • Automated Test Equipment
  • Firmware development
  • IOT based solutions for MW scale renewable pants (Solar/ Wind)
  • Industrial automation products
  • Product Cost and Technical trade-off analysis
  • Analog, Digital and power electronics circuits and board design.

Build To Specification

AeroEuro can take full product ownership for undertaking the full range of integrated capabilities to take a product from conception to mass production quickly and efficiently and we offer the following benefits to our customers.
  • Single Point of Contact for Design/Engineering, Industrialization and Manufacturing reduces the need for multiple interfaces at each stage of the project.
  • Design To Cost approach and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership.
  • Faster time to market.
  • Better product Lifecycle management as we are able to proactively and more effectively manage issues such as obsolescence, performance upgrades, market-specific localization and cost reduction.
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